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Tax consultations

Tax consultation is of high importance in protecting companies and institutions from falling into legal accountability or experiencing financial losses due to a lack of commitment or a good understanding of their tax responsibilities – whether locally within the country in which they work or regionally, including other countries to which their business extends (if any).

What distinguishes Al-Rustom law firm in tax consultation services?

The tax advisory services provided by Al-Rustom Office are characterized by the use of smart and effective tax strategies that enable businesses to fulfill their formal and substantial tax obligations on their due dates and, thus, stay within the framework of the applicable tax rules. These strategies that we follow are far from tax evasion, as they depend primarily on reducing the amount of the tax liability to the maximum extent possible by:
  • Taking advantage of the legal facilities granted locally and internationally.
  • Structuring a documentary cycle that complies with tax requirements.
  • Avoiding any financial or legal mistakes.


After all, Al-Rustom’s management of the tax process is highly professional as our experts set their eyes on improving the financial situation of our clients as a primary goal on which the sustainable tax strategies we propose to them are based.

Al-Rustom office’s tax solutions services

Al-Rustom’s highly qualified accountants and consultants provide a wide range of tax advisory services in various fields, including, but not limited to:

1- Domestic and international tax advice

Our experts design local and international tax consulting solutions based on the personal circumstances and business needs of each client. Al-Rustom’s international tax services include cross-border tax structuring, planning, reporting, risk management, in addition to building highly sustainable tax strategies that reduce tax risks, achieve sustainable growth and protect business in an effective way. We also offer advice on tax residency, the implications of VAT and the payment of various international taxes.

2- Determining tax situation and obligations

Al-Rustom’s expert team performs all the necessary procedures to verify the integrity of a company’s tax status and follow it up to determine the amount of taxes required from it and ensure that taxes are paid on an ongoing basis. We make sure that there are no problems or legal consequences related to taxes. But when there is, we help our clients to overcome these problems permanently or reduce their consequences to a minimum.

3- Accounting and tax risk management

Tax accounting services include calculating the recurring tax allowance, checking budget accounts and other related matters. Al-Rustom’s office studies and identifies tax risks to provide viable assistance in understanding, controlling  and mitigating those risks and improving opportunities.

4- General and transaction taxes

Whether it be sales taxes, corporate profits or other business transactions such as filing, acquisition, restructuring or initial registration of companies, Al-Rustom Office assists its valued clients in taking the right measures and procedures to manage and implement tax issues more effectively – preventing errors with our excellent tax advice.

5- Resolving and settling tax disputes

Our strategy is characterized by speed and complete confidentiality in resolving tax and administrative court disputes. Al-Rustom Law Firm has a rich record of achievements in the field of negotiation, mediation, and settlement of disputes between the taxpayer and financial management in an amicable manner or through arbitration and judiciary. We employ our negotiating expertise in assessing the legal situation and protecting the interests of our clients against any abuse or mistake that could be made against them. Contact our expert team to see how we can be of assistance.


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