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Labor law

Labor Law at Al-Rustom Law Firm aims to provide a variety of services related to labor affairs, employers and workers, including:
  • Drafting all worker contracts and registering them as per the adopted procedures.
  • Following up on worker affairs at the Syrian Social Insurance Establishment in terms of registration, end of service, fee payments and other issues.
  • Obtaining work permits/ cards for foreign workers and residencies until contracts expire.
  • Preparing the internal rules and procedures and the list of disciplinary actions for all economic institutions.
  • Providing all workforce-related consultation with the aim of organizing their work.

Al-Rustom Law Firm assists clients in all aspects related to labor affairs. We clarify legal rules covered in labor laws, including negotiations and disputes, setting special policies, complying with labor laws, drafting employment agreements and representing clients before courts and labor bodies of various judicial levels. Concerned about a certain labor-related matter or another? Get an expert assistance from Al-Rusom Law Office.


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