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Intellectual property law

Intellectual property refers to the product of human thought of creations and inventions. Intellectual property rights do not differ from other property rights. Al-Rustom Law Firm works closely with its clients to develop, manage and protect their intellectual property rights and the benefits derived from them, including licensing agreements and their complementary agreements. We provide comprehensive services to protect the exclusive control of our clients’ intangible assets, products and services – ensuring our clients can profit from their works without fear of misappropriation by others. Our international services cover Syria, Lebanon, the Emirates, France and Iran. They include:

  • Registering distinguishing marks and obtaining their necessary certificates locally and internationally.
  • Registration and protection of trade names, patents, industrial models and trademarks.
  • Drafting, filing and following-up patent applications in all sectors, and preserving the rights of their owners inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • Drafting licensing and technology transfer agreements.
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights by representation before competent local and international courts.
  • Regulating the announced contracts using protected rights in accordance with international frameworks and standards.

  • Organizing franchise contracts in accordance with international frameworks and standards.
  • Settling disputes related to workers’ inventions.
  • Prosecuting the infringers of intellectual property rights and demanding the cessation of the infringement or its continuation.
  • Compensating for any damage caused to the client due to infringement.

After all, Al-Rustom’s experienced lawyers would never abdicate their primary responsibility to protect and promote intellectual property rights and patents as a valuable commercial asset. Our lawyers maintain strong links with relevant global agencies to accomplish faster results.


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