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Financial & investment consultations

The financial, investment and administrative consultancy department aims to understand, study and analyze all data with high accuracy and professionalism in order to provide useful information for our clients to make optimal decisions at all levels.

In this regard, Al-Rustom’s team has extensive experience in conducting financial, accounting and investment studies for any local or international project efficiently and effectively within a short time frame, which positively reflects on clients’ activities, aspirations and desired results.

On the basis of our belief in the importance of investment and financial research as two main pillars in providing better outcomes for local and international investors, we conduct accurate financial analysis by collecting and interpreting facts to evaluate various investment opportunities and provide specialized investment advice based on sound investment conclusions that take into account market conditions and requirements.
Al-Rustom Law Office’s team has the ability to identify and confront current and potential accounting challenges as well as administrative, financial and investment problems. We provide practical solutions to best solve those issues in terms of time and money. Our team also offers advice based on critical analysis of financial statements and due diligence, which greatly contribute to helping corporate directors and investors to make the right decisions and avoid going into legal risks and surprises. Below are some of the most important studies that Al-Rustom’s office is distinguished for:
  • Cash Flow Studies
  • Determining the feasibility of investments
  • Assessment and study of market conditions
  • Evaluation of existing or prospective investment projects
  • Evaluating the efficiency of financial, sales and productivity policies
  • Studying and designing organizational structures and administrative systems
  • Assessment of the efficiency of the use of assets and liabilities and their potential to continue
  • Evaluation of the competitive position of the project
  • Determining the facility’s ability to borrow and pay off debts
  • Merger and Acquisition Studies
  • Studying the market value of shares

Al-Rustom team also evaluates the financial performance of various companies and institutions with the aim of accomplishing the following:

  • Determining the efficiency and effectiveness of their financial position, the validity of the adopted financial policies and procedures
  • Identifying shortcomings and causes of problems, if any, and providing appropriate solutions to them
  • Studying the feasibility of continuing or stopping a certain project
  • Performing other basic studies that play a key role in improving and developing corporate and institutional strategies.


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