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Feasibility Study

The economic feasibility study is the best way to determine the applicability of a particular investment idea or project and to estimate the possibilities of its success before the actual start of its implementation. Al-Rustom utilizes the best means for allocating economic resources for the project and considering its ability to achieve the investor’s objectives, and therefore our economic feasibility study is considered one of the most important tools that helps investors and decision makers to avoid the project’s risks or losses, taking into consideration all the effects of economic, technical, financial and legal factors.

Why choose Al-Rustom for project feasibility study?

Whether you want to study the economic feasibility of new projects or you’re looking to expand any of your existing projects, Al-Rustom Office helps you make the right decision about the possibility, challenges and opportunities of going into your project. We take into account clarifying project returns compared to the costs imposed by the lifespan of the project by presenting an integrated, existing feasibility study on the objective evaluation along with a neutral technical opinion about to what extent a project is successful and what its expected financial results are. Our feasibility study also includes thinking about different methods and alternatives, comparing projects and adopting the optimum in terms of production capacity, technical means and employment quality.

Benefits & advantages of our feasibility study

Al-Rustom Office has tremendous experience in various aspects of conducting a feasibility study and developing existing and subsequent business plans, using financial and research modeling strategies in order to identify the best development options. Our integrated economic feasibility study contributes to: 
  • Offering a complete system of project data and analysis to allow access to the best possible allocation of resources, identify priorities for projects, and choose the most appropriate investment sectors for each one.
  • Clarifying the best way to operate according to market requirements to help investors and project developers take the most appropriate decisions.
  • Developing a plan or timetable for the various stages of preparation, implementation and follow-up of the project, and determining the method of project management to achieve interaction between operation, financing and marketing.
  • Identifying the project’s ability to bear the results of any variables or fluctuations in the assumptions.
  • Recognizing the project’s potential to adapt to the economic, political and legal changes expected to occur during the life of the project.
  • Helping clients reduce risks and achieve their investment goals by making the most effective decision.
  • Clarifying the results and returns expected and measuring them with the expected costs of investment in the short and long term.
  • Determining the time period in which the project can recover the invested capital.
After all, the economic feasibility study makes investment decisions an integrated, well-informed process and takes into account all the factors that can affect the performance of the project, making the calculation of the expected risks an accurate measure with the least possible degree of uncertainty.

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