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Corporate law

At Al-Rustom Law Firm, we are committed to providing comprehensive advisory services regarding corporate law, whether locally or regionally, starting from the formation and establishment of the legal personality of the company and ending up with its dissolution and termination of its legal personality. Al-Rustom Law Firm provides advice, assistance and solutions to any legal and administrative needs that may arise in the company’s daily operations. Our corporate law services include:
  • Establishing all types of companies: for individuals, as well as joint stock, holding and offshore companies.
  • Transforming companies from private into joint-stock companies and carrying out all required procedures to complete the process.
  • Managing and preparing companies for their initial public offering (IPO) in line with the highest international standards.
  • Asset re-evaluation and re-capitalization.
  • Restructuring, re-organizing and modernizing companies in accordance with the frameworks identified by enforceable Syrian laws.
  • Mergers and new company establishment.
  • Corporate acquisition either by direct purchase or through IPOs.
  • Organizing and transforming family businesses into joint-stock companies, preparing partner and shareholder assets and ensuring the transfer of ownership to inheritors as per their designated shares.
  • Company dissolution and liquidation, distributing assets to owners after liquidation and completing all related procedures.
  • Organizing and drafting the meeting minutes of joint-stock companies’ general assemblies, as well as following up on company announcement and registration issues.
  • Following up on companies’ legal affairs, especially the ones related to the Ministry of Finance.
  • Registering the branches of foreign companies in Syria and following up on their activities from a legal point of view.

Al-Rustom Law Firm’s Corporate Law services are not limited to the above-mentioned ones; our multidisciplinary approach and extensive experience enables us to provide specialized and integrated advice on corporate governance and issue reports on its annual compensation. We provide legal advice and integrated advisory services to our clients, whether they are private sector companies or public institutions and bodies, both locally and internationally.


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