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Contract drafting, reviewing & documentation

Given the importance of contracts in defining contractual obligations between contractors, and based on our deep experience in various laws and regulations, Al-Rustom Law Firm reviews all types of contracts and provides legal advice in accordance with the regulating legal controls and based on the concept of “the contract is the law of contractors”, which represents the legal basis for the parties to the contract.
We have a team specialized in drafting, reviewing and documenting all types of contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and legal documents for individuals, companies and all economic activities, taking into consideration the rights of our clients in the stage of preparing, drafting and revising different types of contracts, including:

  • Contracts of incorporation of commercial and civil companies
  • Merger, Acquisition and Partnership Contracts
  • Contracts of sale and lease of real estate
  • Investment and Entrepreneurship Contracts
  • Joint Venture Contracts
  • Commercial agency contracts in all its international and local forms
  • Governmental and Administrative Contracts
  • Shared ownership contracts
  • Engineering Contracts
  • International Industrial Cooperation Contracts
  • Barter and investment contracts, loans and mortgage contracts
  • Work contracts and technical management
  • Contracts for commercial services
  • Franchise Contracts
  • E-commerce contracts
  • Distribution and supply contracts
  • Energy Contracts
  • Technology Licensing Contracts
  • Confidentiality of Information and Non-competition Agreement
  • Cooperation agreements between clients, public authorities and state ministries

We also draft and revise other types of contracts and legal studies in a specialized professional manner that investigates accuracy with regard to the content of the contract and clarity of contractual terms and conditions while ensuring there are no contradictions or matters that would make the contract impossible to implement. Al-Rustom Law Firm team verifies the purposes of the contract and the reasonableness of the obligations and the risks so we can scrutinize all the conditions and rights contained in the contract. Our scope of work includes:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts in both Arabic and English
  • Supervising the implementation and adherence to contracts and agreements
  • Documenting contracts and agreements
  • Representing clients in negotiations and meetings

In sum, Al-Rustom Law Firm is keen to provide a comprehensive service of drafting, revising, reviewing and documenting all types of civil and commercial contracts in a manner that preserves all the rights of our clients, free of any legal loopholes, in an accurate legal language and in accordance with the regulations of various countries of the world, especially Syria, Lebanon, the Emirates, France and Iran.


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