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Commercial law

Al-Rustom Law Firm is highly experienced in managing and handling the procedures of all commercial affairs, including commercial issues of all stages. Our services include:
  • Finalizing the announcement and registration procedures of individual traders and commercial organizations at the Commercial Registration Secretariat branches in all Syrian
  • Announcing and registering merchants’ trade sites (shops/ stores) and finalizing all related procedures.
  • Preparing company and trader books as stipulated by the enforceable laws.
  • Concluding all commercial contracts including, for example but not limited to mortgage, transportation and all types of power of attorney contacts.
  • Conducting the legal work associated with traders and commerce in general.
  • Following up on traders’ records at the Ministry of Finance and handling any complexities that may arise.

In sum, Al-Rustom Law Firm undertakes all the legal work related to the merchant and trade, whether in Syria, Lebanon, the Emirates, France or Iran. Ready to handle your commercial-relatetd matters to our experts?


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