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Banking law

Al-Rustom Law Firm has a unique team of the best banking lawyers in Syria, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, France and Iran. Our lawyers have unparalleled experience in all laws related to finance and banking issues, including loans, commercial mortgages, debt collection, credit cards and other services related to the banking and financial sectors.
Al-Rustom Law Firm has the capacity and flexibility required to support the needs of all types of banks and financial institutions, starting with the registration and announcements of banks, drafting their statutes and preparing all related supporting documents. We also prepare all contracts and written agreements related to banks and banking transactions, in addition to providing the necessary legal advice related to current accounts, deposits, banking transactions and other aspects of daily business.

Additionally, Al-Rustom Law Firm represents clients in all banking disputes and legal claims, such as collecting troubled bank debts, making judicial declarations from the debtor, and taking all precautionary and urgent measures to guarantee the rights of the bank. Furthermore, we provide legal advice to Islamic banks as well as other Islamic financing and investment companies besides offering strategic banking and financial advice for small and medium enterprises.


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