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Administrative Judiciary

Administrative judiciary and objecting to tax costs are among the most critical services of Al-Rustom Center for Arbitration and Reconciliation, where we meet the demands of our clients in resolving and settling various civil, industrial and commercial disputes (banking and insurance) through arbitration, conciliation or reconciliation by following simplified and fast procedures to resolve disputes in accordance with applicable legal rules, prevailing norms, principles of justice, fairness and complete impartiality by our independent arbitrators and mediators who have scientific competence and practical experience to resolve disputes faster – at the lowest possible cost.
Our strategy is characterized by speed and complete confidentiality in resolving tax as well as administrative court disputes. Al-Rustom Law Firm has a vast record of achievements in the field of negotiation, mediation, and settlement of disputes between the taxpayer and financial management in an amicable manner or through arbitration and the judiciary. We employ our negotiating expertise in assessing the legal situation and protecting the interests of our clients against any abuse or mistake made against them.

The vast experience that our lawyers have in tax law contributes empowers us to provide sustainable advisory services regarding taxes imposed according to local laws in the Syrian Arab Republic and in line with international laws and bilateral agreements with other countries. We make sure our local and foreign clients, individuals and multinational groups avoid the problems of double taxation. In addition, we advise on the measures that should be taken to ensure full compliance with the tax obligations imposed in the Syrian Arab Republic, Lebanon, the Emirates, France and Iran.

This continuous endeavor to protect the interests of our clients and address all kinds of tax-related issues has given Al-Rustom Law Firm more efficiency and flexibility in finding the most appropriate solutions that best fulfill the needs of each client, regardless of the type of work his/her work.


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