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Accounting services

Al-Rustom Law Firm offers a wide array of best-in-class accounting services to a wide range of clients from government institutions to local and international private sector companies. We take advantage of our vast experience in numerous international accounting and auditing standards as we keep pace with all local and global requirements. Our accounting services include legal accounting, financial accounting, administrative accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting and account auditing, government accounting, specialized corporate accounting and other related accounting services.

We also provide a set of services related to designing and evaluating accounting systems for companies in an effort to helping them develop and promote their efficiencies. Our team helps corporates set accounting policies and monitor the proper implementation of their documentation cycles.

What’s more, we have an unrivaled experience in studying the financially troubled companies’ conditions and proposing appropriate solutions to them. We carry out different tasks of managing the accounting work, preparing budgets and follow-up reports, and showing the results of the company’s activities, its assets and financial capabilities.


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