By Dr. Lawyer: Souhail Abdul Karim Al Rustom

It all started with an ambitious dream born in Damascus, my homeland and of my ancestors’; a land that proved to be a fertile, nurturing ground to drive this dream forward. The dream saw the light for the first time in 1960 when I established Al Rustom Law Office; the first milestone in my legal career. The idea of establishing the office stemmed from my firm belief that practicing the legal profession as an individual has become like abandoning the flock and signing off-key, which leaves little space for development.

Hence, the promising idea of joining an elite group of top-tier lawyers to work together under the umbrella of one office came into being. The new comprehensive entity would allow us to share our knowledge and expertise, while providing our clients with outstanding comprehensive legal services. At that time, the goal of establishing a specialized law office was to keep pace with the accelerating progress of business sector and related fields. The vision was to gather a group of skilled lawyers who could offer their services to a wide segment of clientele representing dynamic economic organizations operating in commerce, banking, insurance, industry, and other sectors.

The office has since remarkably developed and became a highly reliable and credible reference renowned for its diligent work and ultimate dedication. This approach resonated positively across all our client segments, especially businessmen and investors searching for a reputable, reliable law office that will form a safety net while developing their investments as per the laws and regulations.

Our success immediately set the stage for us to become Syria’s leading law office, especially that I was one of the pioneering Syrian lawyers who took ardent steps on this path. Our leading position was driven by superior performance in multiple cases before all courts across Syria and the comprehensive knowledge we had in legal procedures, counseling and contract drafting.

The secret to my individual success, and that of the office, lies in my firm faith in the right, justice and integrity, which are the fundamental guiding principles that my colleagues and I have adopted as our slogan in doing business. I passed these values on to my colleague lawyers, thereby becoming the torch that lit our way and lead us as we carried out the sublime duties of the legal profession.


The Arbitration & Reconciliation Center

Syrian Law No. 4 of 2008 on Civil, Economic and Commercial Disputes was issued by legislators to boost economic development and support arbitration as an institution in Syria. The law approved the establishment of permanent arbitration centers operating in accordance with the arbitration law and its rules. In line with Law No. 4, and in an effort to realize a dream driven by an unlimited ambition and a long-awaited dream, I established the Arbitration & Reconciliation Center with the aim of addressing the need for having an arbitration body that offers legal security. The main goal of this Center was to provide flexible procedures under the law and rules of justice for all categories of litigants: businessmen, merchants, and economic institutions alike, who are usually overwhelmed by some judiciary proceedings that could take years to settle the dispute.

Al Rustom Arbitration & Reconciliation Center seeks to be a reliable and active partner in resolving disputes, based on a strict commitment to timeframes, providing solutions to contentious issues over a shorter span of time compared to the lengthy legal mechanisms adopted by traditional courts. The Arbitration & Reconciliation Center aims fore and foremost to facilitate the process of settling disputes for businessmen at a reasonable speed.

To achieve this, the Center’s system takes into account the factors of flexibility, accuracy and assigning the most qualified arbitrators as associates. These arbitrators are jurists, lawyers, businessmen and professionals with renowned experience, knowledge, and high ethics in resolving the most complex legal disputes.

We have high hopes that the Arbitration & Reconciliation Center will receive wide success, and become a solid reference for the business community and economic organizations with which it cooperates and seeks to consolidate communication. Sparing litigants the complications of slow court procedures, the Arbitration & Reconciliation Center contributes to boosting commerce, accelerating growth and creating an environment of mutual trust among businessmen while warding off the complexities that impede commerce and economic development.

Auditing & Research Office

Our big dream would not have been complete without a new, modern outlook that would enable the office to provide a comprehensive set of services at record speed. Thus, the idea of establishing the Auditing & Research Office matured, following a thorough study and in-depth analysis of the market, allowing us to add a new endeavor to our previous accomplishments working under the umbrella of Al Rustom Law Office.

A pioneering effort and a leader in its field, the Auditing & Research Office represents another milestone in our quest to achieve excellence. It will be home to a team of the go-to specialists in accounting and auditing, as well as leading experts in economic and financial services, and feasibility studies for all economic activities.

Keen on developing and supporting the office with new insights, concepts, and work methodologies in line with world-class standards, we are in the process of consulting with world-class international organizations to win their expertise and adopt it to suit our culture and way of doing business. Within this regard, we have communicated with a French company specialized in services and feasibility studies in order to forge a productive partnership.



Fair Business

Justice and Rights are part and parcel of human nature, and because all virtues are epitomized in fairness, as Aristotle had put it, our work remains a mere step we take on a long, demanding road that all Syrian law scholars walk together, driven by an absolute belief in the value of the human being and the rule of law, an ever-young belief that keeps inspiring us at Al Rustom Arbitration & Reconciliation Center to give more for the benefit of our beloved country and fellow countrymen.