A Brief Introduction About Al-Rustom
Auditing& Research Center

Established by Al-Rustom Law Office, The Auditing & Research Center is considered a pioneer in its field of work in Syria, and we perceive it as a milestone in the history of our office as it came in response to the needs that the Syrian market raised for expert financial auditing, economic studies, accounting and related research.
Al Rustom Auditing & Research Center is a home to a unique group of experts and specialists in accounting, auditing, economic and financial services, and economic feasibility studies across the board. Focused on attracting international talents in auditing and research, the Center provides the Syrian market with the modern experiences and methodologies that conform to the highest international standards.

Goals of The Auditing & Research Center

The Auditing & Research Center’s core aim is to supply the Syrian market with world-class experiences and modern methodologies consistent with the highest international standards by providing valuable financial services and studies of great significance that contribute to reviving and enriching the largest possible number of commercial and economic activities. The center constantly seeks to achieve more partnership and twinning agreements with various reputable institutions in this field in France.

Areas of Specialization

• Auditing
• Accounting Services
• Financial, Investment & Administrative Consultation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Corporate Evaluation
  • Tax Consultation