Overview of the Arbitration & Reconciliation Center


Specialized in civil, industrial, and commercial dispute resolution, including banking and insurance-related issues, the Arbitration &
Reconciliation Center adopts a conciliatory format based on streamlined, conclusive and fast procedures in compliance with the enforceable laws, customary practices and the principles of justice, fairness and complete neutrality.  Arbitration is conducted by independent, highly qualified arbitrators and intermediaries who bring excellent knowledge and practical experience to the table.

Following the issuance of Syrian Law No. 4 of 2008 on Civil, Economic and Commercial Disputes, the Arbitration & Reconciliation Center was established in Damascus in xxx in line with Al Rustom Law Office’s mission of facilitating the interests of Syrian businessmen and economic institutions by providing a range of arbitration choices for dispute resolution.

The Center focuses on settling civil and commercial disputes through arbitration and reconciliation as a legal alternative to traditional judiciary system where reaching a judgement usually takes longer time, causing moral and material damages to litigants as the process drags on. The Arbitration & Reconciliation Center commits to settling disputes and enforcing judgements within a prescribed period of time dictated by the circumstances of each individual case, while abiding to the highest standards of impartiality, professionalism and the law both in letter and spirit.

To realize this goal, the Center adopts the principles of flexibility, accuracy and selecting a body of highly competent associate arbitrators of law experts, businessmen and professionals known for their deep knowledge, expertise and ethics in tackling major, complex legal disputes.

The Arbitration & Reconciliation Center aspires to continue living up to its reputation by providing its services according to the highest international standards that are adapted to fit the Syrian legal and social context in a way that contributes to boosting the country’s economy, simplifying legal procedures and facilitating access to a fair, productive dispute resolution process. 

The Founders

Souhail Al Rustom
Samer Al Rustom
Mr. Mutaz Billah Al Jundi

Board of Directors

Souhail Al Rustom: Director
Muhammad Mumtaz Al Fawakheeri: General Advisor
Moutaz Billah Al Jundi: Secretary
Nabil Al Mallah: Lawyer
Mr. Samer Al Rustom: Associate Member

Areas of Specialization

Banking Disputes

Contentious issues arising between government and private banks, or between banks and their clients.

Insurance Disputes

Disputes among insurance companies themselves, or insurance companies and the insured parties.  

Commercial Disputes

Any commercial dispute that may arise among businessmen, industrialists, contractors or suppliers including foreign companies and other parties.

Civil Disputes

Disputes of civil nature that may emerge among institutions from the public or the private sectors.