Companies Guide

Company name Specialty Establishment place and date Founders
Company / Dar Soft / Limited Liability E-marketing, trade in all goods, and order delivery service Damascus - 08-10-2020

1. Mohammed bin Wadah Al-Sharif

2. Hadi bin Nazir Sharaf

3. Marah bin Wadah al-Sharif

4. Omar bin Muhammad Hassan Habash

5. Wadah Ibrahim Hikmat Al-Sharif

6. Salah Al-Din Bin Muhammad Samir Al-Bazam

Company / Greig for Rehabilitation and Technical Consulting / Limited Liability Preparing and submitting all technical and specialized studies and consultations in the economic, administrative and financial fields reif damascus - 08-10-2020

1. Fadi Gerges Greig

Company / Thumb Up / Limited Liability Food trade of all kinds Tartous - 08-10-2020

1. Maher Hassan Abdul Hadi

Company / Al-Sayed for Trade and Investment / Limited Liability Import and export of all permitted materials and enter tenders and auctions with the public and private sectors reif damascus - 08-10-2020

1. Muhammad Imad Al-Sayed bin Muhammad Nazir

2. Omar Al-Sayed bin Muhammad Nazir

3. Maher Al-Sayed bin Muhammad Nazir

4. Hussam al-Din Al-Sayed bin Muhammad Nazir

5. Qasim Al-Sayed bin Muhammed

6. Anas Al-Sayed bin Muhammad

7. Nawras Al-Sayed bin Muhammad

8. Ghayath Al-Sayed bin Muhammad

9. Nour al-Din Al-Sayed bin Muhammad

Company / Handa for commercial / Limited Liability Import and export of all permitted materials reif damascus - 08-10-2020

1. Samer Burhan Ismail

Company / the Digital Compass for Tech / Limited Liability Import and export of all legally permitted materials and electronic devices trade reif damascus - 08-10-2020

1. Hussam Al-Ali bin Adnan

2. Alaa Al-Masry bin Muhammad Marawan

Company / Orabi and his partners / Limited Liability Import and export of all legally permitted materials Damascus - 08-10-2020

1. Ahmed Wassim Suhail Al-Orabi

2. Nabih Muhammad Al-Tabakh

3. Meda Ahmed Wassim Al-Orabi

4. Mays Ahmed Wassim Al-Orabi

5. Aws Ahmed Wassim Al-Orabi

Company / MI for paper and envelopes / Limited Liability Establishing a facility for the manufacture of paper envelopes and all kinds of paper and cardboard reif damascus - 08-10-2020

1. Alaa Muhammad Jihad Al-Laham

2. Tariq Muhammad Jihad Al-Laham

3. Muhammad Muhammad Haitham Al-Samman

Company / Al Mashta for Medical Services / Limited Liability Establishing a medical hospital, managing and investing it, and providing medical services in various specialties Tartous - 08-10-2020

1. Wahib Tanous Wassouf

2. Jihan Antonios Bashour

3. Mahmoud Malek Aoki

4. Maher Abdul Nour Bashour

5. Halim Housni Gerges

6. Ayman Abdul Karim Bilal

7. Alice Gerges Mahfouz

Company / Al-Sayad Al-Hamza for industry, commerce and agriculture / Limited Liability Production of milk and dairy products and the production of fodder Raqa - 08-10-2020

1. Muhammad Bassam Khadem Al-Jamee