About Al Rustom Law Office

Headquartered in Damascus, Syria, Al Rustom Law Office is a legal institution that consists of three business units:

Al Rustom Law Office, the Arbitration & Reconciliation Center and the Auditing & Research Center

Al Rustom offers comprehensive and integrated legal services in line with its commitment to bring international best practices to the legal landscape in Syria.
Al Rustom Law Office is today among the most prominent names in law and litigation in Syria and the region.

Starting off as an independent project, the Office was established by Dr. Suhail Abdul Karim Al Rustom in 1960 and has grown over three decades to include ten lawyers and legal practitioners. Our firm was founded on a strong belief in the relevance of experience, professionalism, and transparency to everything we do. We always strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and partners, based on confidence, efficiency, and a timely and cost effective service.

Tapping into the extensive experience of a select group of lawyers and legal advisors, our areas of practice have branched out, enabling us to handle the most complex cross-domain cases, including lawsuits, arbitration, legal consultation, contract drafting, agreements and the registration of companies and commercial agencies, as well as tax affairs.

In 2010, Al Rustom Law Office, launched the Arbitration & Reconciliation Center which is dedicated to settling civil, industrial and commercial disputes by adopting a conciliatory format based on streamlined, conclusive and fast procedures in compliance with the enforceable laws, customary practices and the principles of justice, fairness and complete neutrality.


Currently, Al Rustom Law Office is engaged in partnership talks with a leading international institution in the field of auditing and research, to set up a national office operating on international best practices. Responding to the needs in the Syrian market, this project is expected to be a pioneering step in the fields of financial auditing and related research as it will be home to an eclectic group of highly qualified specialists in accounting, auditing, economic and financial services and feasibility studies in various fields.