Al Rustom Law Office is currently located in Damascus, Syria. We offer our services in all Syrian governorates.
The starting point is submitting a complete file, or dossier, of all useful documents that are related to the lawsuit’s subject matter.
For consultation, Al Rustom Law Office follows a man-hour fee structure. A retainer strcture is followed for legal representation in lawsuits and proceedings
A Rustom Law Office provides a periodic progress report for every case. These reports give clients a comprehensive overview of how the case is progressing. Moreover, clients can obtain information regarding their case’s latest developments by contacting us at any time via telephone, fax or e-mail.
Usually, Al Rustom Law Office does not accept to represent individuals or entities in conflict of interests with existing clients. Further, we abstain from representation in cases where we in our reasonable assessment believe a forgery or fraud is involved.
Acquiring the services of a law firm offers a wide range of legal services for clients and allows them to benefit from a collective experience and a diverse set of skills. Thus, clients can depend on the firm, or office, while conducting their business and investments with the added feeling of security and complete peace of mind granted by the law firm’s team.
The Center will provide an array of services including auditing, financial consultation and accounting services. Further, Al Rustom Auditing and Research Center will provide financial, investment and management consultancy, especially in the fields of feasibility studies, corporate valuation and tax consultation.
Having carefully studied the Syrian market, Al Rustom Law Office is working on establishing a specialized auditing and research center. This project comes in line with the Office’s vision to meet the requirements of the Syrian market and bridge the gap in the auditing domain. The Center is currently in final negotiations with a renowned international partner in this domain.
Arbitration at Al Rustom Arbitration & Reconciliation Center is supervised by independent, highly qualified arbitrators and intermediaries with excellent knowledge and practical experience. The Center commits to cooperating with competent associate arbitrators of law experts, businessmen and professionals known for their deep knowledge, expertise and ethics in tackling major, complex legal disputes.
The Arbitration & Reconciliation Center specializes in civil, industrial, and commercial arbitration and dispute resolution, including banking and insurance matters. The Center works on providing conciliatory resolutions in accordance with applicable law and the principles of justice, fairness and complete neutrality.
Al Rustom Law Office offers a wide variety of legal services for companies of all sizes. We offer company set-up services in virtually every domain, with a variety of legal structure options including holding and offshore companies. We also offer IPO and public listing services, asset re-valuation and re-capitalization, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, dissolution and liquidation, and other related procedures.
Al Rustom law Office offers services in several domains and fields, including corporate, commercial, civil and labor laws, industrial and commercial property protection and patent laws, as well as banking and insurance laws. Our office also offers unparalleled experience in the sectors of telecommunications, advertisement and media, oil and gas corporations (especially in terms of their contractual agreements with the public sector and internal contracts), the rules and regulations pertaining to the internet and social media platforms, taxation and financial laws and all related issues.